THE WORLD OF MACRO ... or a little philosophy
  • The world of tiny details that can be easily overlooked can enchant you in a split second.
  • The world that lives its own quiet life, follows its own rhythm, well hidden from the eyes of busy humans.
  • The world whose inventiveness, contrasts and perfection will inspire you.
  • The world where the laws of our "big" world do not seem to apply. That's why it is so original.
  • The world you may just pass by your whole life…without even knowing of the larger vision that awaits you … the minuteness of the natural world and the enrichment of microscopic beauty
Macro-photography …?
Anybody who discovers the charm of macro-photography resembles a child brought to large department store full of toys on a birthday. The kid looks around and, wide-eyed, sees the whole floor filled with new and wonderful playthings and games. A day, two, a week later the child may think that there is nothing more to be discovered - but wait! the store has dozens of floors above, and as many below. A brand new, uncharted world. Just a step away from us. Or remember your first love?…the exploration of new feelings, the awareness of every vivid detail of your awakening awareness of another human being … it was the beginning of a new world. This is what we offer to you.

Because …
Photography is more than a profession or a hobby. It's a kind of philosophy, too. If you want to take good photographs, no matter whether wildlife or scenic, you shouldn't be rushing through life. You should enjoy and observe it. In order to climb a high mountain, one has to respect it. Similarly - in order to enjoy life, one has to learn to live it! Lots of people take photographs for pleasure rather than for fame. They hope others will enjoy their pictures. And that's the point.

Try it, too… using the 3S method.
- If you like spending time outdoors, you are no doubt able to spare some time for a hike or a walk once in a while. Even a brief escape from civilization makes you feel relaxed. And everybody needs moments of peace and leisure to balance the periods of hard work and tension. Turn your back on the city. Go where there are no cars or mobile phones. It's important to get away, to say goodbye to stress - the first "S" .

-Now, you have left the town and are strolling in the countryside. Stop thinking about your job, forget your grumpy boss, missed deadlines and all the "duties" you have neglected. Try to concentrate on the ground bellow your feet and don't let the past or the future disturb you. You'll realize that the world is more than a blurred blotch, that it's calm and friendly. All of a sudden, you can distinguish colors and smells. Not only your feet, but also your mind is in the woods. You've managed to find the second "S" - to switch off civilization.

-And finally the most important experience will come from taking a slow, absorbing look around. Not with a blind rushed eye that looks but does not perceive. Observe your surroundings with the steady stare of an ant-eater surveying the ant-hill and deciding whether it's large and nourishing enough for him to put his nozzle in. Pause to watch. Learn to see. That's the last "S".

… I beckon for you to come to a new world experience….it is right below your feet.

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