Born October 15, 1957

  • computer and commercial layout (a graphic studio )
  • photographer

    Why macro-photography?
    It is an undiscovered and amazingly deep world , full of colors and contrasts.
    an adventure that is both my hobby and my life's work!

    When and where I take photographs?
    The macro world is prime in the early morning hours where life abounds in the awakening nature, but where human feet have not begun the daily hiking. There are many special moments for the macro photographer in the mountains of winter where few dare to tread. And everywhere there is not cell-phone signal!

    I like
    Naturalness! Things or people that may seem inconspicuous at first sight are often special finds. They do not play any part and have their own depth of meaning ...if you are willing, you can discover it.

    What is my biggest success attained in photography?
    that people like my photographs!
    Awarded the third place, national prize in the "Nature and Environment" category of the prestigious Czech Press Photo competition (year 2000).

    My special message to you
    Macrophotography is a world within the larger, known world. There is unspeakable beauty in this special world. Each good shot reminds me of how perfect Nature is, and that we should approach it with great respect.....and that a lot of things have been frivolous as compared with this perfection.

    ...and I wish you
    to find a place of solitude and beauty, to have kind people and friends around you and to be strong enough to smile back at the world anytime the world smiles at you.

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